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September 04 2014

Na wyspie Zaniemyśl odstrzelił sobie głowę z armaty.
— Jan Grzegorczyk "Chaszcze"
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September 01 2014

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January 20 2014

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December 09 2013

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October 06 2013


My cousin got hit by a truck.

He’s fine nothing broken but he has the sickest bruise ever!! Like holy shit you can see the outline of his muscles and bones on his chest?

This thing is awesome.
I told him he should get it tatted to always remember that he survived getting hit by a truck lol

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September 08 2013

September 06 2013

dead look
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September 03 2013

human bread :)
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August 22 2013

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July 19 2013

March 04 2013

A young reindeer buck who has locked horns with another buck, perpetuating the velvet shed from his antlers. Within the reindeer population, both sexes grow antlers. Reindeer antlers grow again each year under a layer of fur called velvet. There is a pedicle at the base of each antler, and when the antlers have received enough nourishment, the pedicle cuts off the blood flow to the antlers, causing the velvet to dry out, shrivel up, and fall off. The velvet is itchy, so the deer rub up against trees and such to help get the velvet off. One of the only reasons the deer’s antler’s will bleed, is because the blood supply may not be fully cut off, and the deer still find it itchy so they try to scratch it off themselves.
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March 03 2013

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March 01 2013

Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital, New Jerse.

Looks like blood is all over hall. :D
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February 23 2013

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February 13 2013

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